A life-long passion for hats!





                                                     I've always enjoyed movies especially the classics like "Gone With The Wind", "The Great Gatsby", "My Fair Lady" and so on. Very exciting - all those venues, men to accompany you, and of course most memorable of all - the hats! Sure those are movies, but how far off from real life are they? Over the years I have proven to myself that men are attracted to hats like moths to a flame.

Perhaps they like the way it makes a woman more womanly, or see it as a conversation piece; the way it helps break the ice for them. When I wear a hat – let me tell you – events unfold. It can sometimes be overwhelming, that is to say; dealing with the attention I receive from men and women alike. They always want to know where I found my hat, how I decided what to wear with it, if they can buy me a drink, do I have a phone number, etc.

It wasn’t by accident that a portion of my life has been spent in pursuit of beautiful hats and the benefits that come with them. I have always had a passion for fine dressing, adventurous shopping, and the sublime moment when I find the perfect hat that makes me smile. 

All women know great outfits aren't just found, but rather are born from exhausting hours of hunting for the perfect accessories. I'm sure that many of us have gone through this only to find out in the end that the results weren't what we thought they would be. I can't help but wonder - could a hat have made a difference?


This season I will be starting a year-long event series blog that will feature my prized hat collection (I actually have enough for additional years – so we’ll see). I will wear a hat ensemble each week and blog on the outcome of each event venue. I will include pictures, discuss how I planned for the outing, how I selected what I wore, what others I met commented on most, and more.

It will be a lot of fun – I hope you enjoy it and comment often - Patricia!


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